BiOr 71 3/4: Digital Resources for Near Eastern Studies

For the 75th anniversary of The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) in Leiden, a special jubilee issue of Bibliotheca Orientalis has been published. The articles in this issue, online available as a free pdf, provide helpful digital tools for all researchers in Near Eastern Studies.

As a thematic jubilee edition, Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4 focuses on digital resources for research in Near Eastern Studies. The articles in this special BiOr give a closer look into the digital ways of research in the fields of Archaeology, Egyptology, Middle Eastern studies and many more. Three articles have been summarised in Arabic and all of them are available as a free pdf download. An overview of the available articles:

Anastasio S., Saliola F. A ‘lean’ approach to digital resources for ANE archaeology. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4 (2014), 370-388. (Summary in Arabic below)

Charpin D. Ressources Assyriologiques sur Internet. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4, 331-357. (Summary in Arabic below)

Claes W., Van Keer E. Les ressources numériques pour l’égyptologie . Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4 (2014), 297-306. (Summary in Arabic below)

Delattre A., Heilporn P. Electronic resources for Graeco-Roman and Christian Egypt : A review of the state of the net (March 2014). Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4, 307-331.

Giusfredi, F. Web resources for Hittitology. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4, 358-361.

Kon R.E. Some digital resources for the study of the Middle East. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4 (2014), 400-403.

Kristiansen B. Digital resources in Middle Eastern studies. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4 (2014), 388-400.

Spronk, K. Web-based resources in the field of Old Testament studies. Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 3/4, 361-370.

Arabic summaries of articles from Anastasio & Saliola (2014), Charpin (2014) and Claes & Van Keer (2014).

Read the entire volume as one pdf here.

We would like to thank NINO / BiOr for making this very useful publication available for everyone!

Last Modified: 28-03-2016