Seminar Libyans in Ancient

On Thursday the 26th of November, our institute organised our annual “Cleveringa lecture”. We combined this with a seminar during the day on the Libyans in Ancient Egypt during the Third Intermediate Period. During the Cleveringa lecture, we commemorate an act of great courage by Professor Rudolph Cleveringa of Leiden University on the 26 November 1940, when he spoke out against the Nazi decision to exclude his Jewish colleagues from their jobs at the university. Robbert van Marrewijk, who is First Secretary at the Netherlands Embassy and who works on his PhD at Leiden University, gave an inspiring speech. The Cleveringa speech itself was held by Professor of Egyptology Olaf Kaper, also of Leiden University, in which he gave us insight into his fascinating research into the Libyan period in Ancient Egypt. The evening was concluded with a reception in our garden. We look back on a successful day and we are extremely grateful to the Netherlands Embassy for their financial support to make the day possible and also to Al-Ahram Beverages, who sponsored our reception.    

Dr Rudolf de Jong
Director of the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo

Last Modified: 28-03-2016